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Awaken Divinity's
Charcol Incense

Need to change the vibe, having a long ass day?

We're here to enhance your relaxation.

Burn Awaken Divinity's Incense!

Read Below To Learn More!

Our Process

Pressurized Tube Dipping  

This 24 hour process forces the oils into the charcoal evenly, creating a more potent smell, and longer cleaner burn.

Hand Dipping with Intent 

Carefully chosen fragrance oils are poured and mixed with desired intentions (ie. positivity, abundance, protection) and soaked for 72 hours and dried in our drying racks. 

Your Process 

To ignite  Awaken Divinity 's Incense Sticks, hold incense stick by the thinner (wood) end and ignite the coated (thicker) end. Some sticks can ignite a tall flame, therefore use caution and hold the stick away from your body and hair.

*Wait 30- 45 seconds (tip of incense will become white: ash) before blowing out the flame. Make sure the inner wood is lit. Place burning incense in an incense holder for a safe use.*

This product is flammable. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes & skin. Avoid contact with vinyl, leather, fabric or any sensitive material.


Never leave burning incense unattended.

*This product is for fragrance purposes and is for external use only. Our incense sticks are dipped in house at our Utica NY workshop.

Made in the United States.

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