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Vendor check in info                                                  4/29/2022


Hello Vendors its that Time again to Get your craft together and show the world what you can do


Address Is 1188 Erie Blvd W Rome We’re a Gray and white building between Lowes and Salvation Army


Because this is our 1st event in this location and its spring/winter. We will learn together


My Name is Orrie, and I will be your coordinator For this event Bud Bands & BBQ my phone number is 315-795-8301 Please call if you have any issues. But not as a conversation piece outside of the events. That’s best-done online messenger.


When you get here you enter the parking lot and drive clockwise around the building stopping on the side that facing Lowes to unload your items than park in the Lowes parking lot. Our parking lot is small and want to save the parking lot spaces for our guest.


Again this our 1st event and will need to see how it all works so we can fine tune the process.


Your check in time is between 12pm- 2 pm for the 3pm start everyone who paid to be at this event will have 1st debs at the next event at the same or lower price so we can get in the swing of things also the venues will be later in the night for our 21+ Event we will see you there


Vendors will need to bring a tablecloth for those of you who will be getting a table from us and possible a backdrop for their space. Those who paid to have power like the food vendors need to be here no later than 1 pm so we can get it together. There may be an option to be outside so if you have a tent you can bring it

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